Want to Know What Your Anger Type Is?

If you want to know more about what type of anger you possess, it would be a good idea to complete the self-administered questionnaire. The outcome of the questionnaire will show you what types of anger exist and which one(s) you possess. In subsequent chapters, you will be provided with explanations and descriptions of each anger type. The questions I have created have been developed from administering hundreds of sample questions to hundreds of clients, patients, students, employee assistant program participants and general interest groups who have shown common characteristics for patterns of anger. I have selected 36 of the best possible questions which illuminate specific anger types. Please take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire following the specified directions.

What's Your Anger Type Quiz

You will need a pen or pencil to complete this test. On a separate sheet of paper please make a list from 1-36 or circle your answers in the book. For each question, write down the corresponding score which best describes your feeling. When completing this quiz, it is very important to think about your answers in the present moment.

Do not answer questions based on how you once behaved or how you wish you behaved. The best way to determine your particular anger type(s) is to be as honest as possible and give yourself the rating which first comes to mind. Do not rationalize or think too much about each question. Also, do not get worried if you feel you are answering too many questions as being "most of the time". Just because you answer a lot of questions as being true of your feelings and behaviors does not make you crazy, sick or insane! The purpose of this quiz is not to diagnose, but rather to identify anger patterns and types to make appropriate thought, feeling and behavior modifications.

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