Often times people become concerned when they think or believe that someone close to them may possess an addiction. Without jumping the gun, diagnosing or accusing someone of having an addiction, these are some of the more common occurrences and symptoms/behaviours to look for:

1)CHANGES IN BEHAVIOUR & LIVELIHOOD - extremes from socialization to being extremely private.

2) VERY SECRATIVE - Before they use to be an open book or keep you and others informed of their whereabouts.

3)SPENDING HABITS CHANGE - Before they were more thrifty with their money, now their spending seems out of control of they are in debt. When they start asking to borrow, then you know something is up!

4) PHYSICAL HEALTH ISSUES - They start becoming more lethargic, sickly looking, nauseated often, vomiting or other issues involving their heart rate, blood pressure, and also bodily bruising.

5) MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES - Extreme mood swings, marked by prolonged periods of depression, memory lapses, lack of affect, and suicide thoughts/attempts.

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