Recently, I completed my latest self-help book for individuals dealing with addiction, bad habits and irrational thinking. I applied the eclectic approach I learned from my past experiences to create this book which can help everyone who applies the principles. The title of my book is RIGHT NOW ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! What's special about this book is that it combines psychology (cognitive behavioural therapy) with spiritualism, as well as law of attraction/intention principles. I took what were once considered contradictions in terms of treatment modalities and created a marriage of sorts. So far the results have been exceptional!

Many counselors in the field of addictions today like to look at addictions from a holistic approach. This means they like to treat the problem using a "bio-psycho-social" model. Rather than looking at the individual from one frame of reference, i.e., they only being "biological" creatures, existing only in the "psychological" domain, or being total "social" beings where they respond only because they mimic what society influences them to do, they like to look at all three aspects of the individual's being.

The best means of treating one's addiction is to encompass all aspects of the individual's being, bio-psycho-social so no area is left out. By focusing on all areas, you provide the best optimal treatment plan and focus on the individual as a symmetrical being. Spiritualism is becoming more widely accepted in the helping profession and is being seen as a greater influence in the world of addictions than was otherwise given credit for in the past. As the bridged gap between science and religion draws closer, those in the helping profession are recognizing the influence of spiritualism in the healing process.