1) Stay for the children. They stay for the financial and tangible support. Many abused, single mothers will have a hard time coping on their own, so many are willing to endure the abuse to make sure their children are taken care of.

2) Stay because they believe this is what love is. Some women are conditioned to believe that hitting and abuse are a part of marriages. This can be learned from watching their own parents dysfunctional relationship.

3) Believe they deserve it. Some women start to believe they are worthless and trash and believe this relationship is the best they will ever have. If these women get into similar types of relationships, this only reinforces the belief they can do no better, so they "settle".

4) Attribute the abuse to machismo and/or substance abuse. Often times, when women are abused by their mates, they attribute the abuse to the alcohol, drugs or masculinity of their mate. You ask these women and they will assert that their mate is really not an angry person, rather it is the drinking which makes them abusive. Also, some will even go so far and claim that it's the testosterone and "being" a man which makes them aggressive.

5) Love is blind! Some women are "so in love" with their partner they believe one day the abuse will stop suddenly. They believe their mates promises and apologies to change they turn the other cheek and pretend or believe it will all end on day. Often times, when we think this way, we believe in two simple premises: The abuser will change on their own miraculously, or you will help nurture and facilitate a change in the abuser.

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