When your partner knowingly withholds their affection from you even though you are always seeking it, they are part-taking in neglect which in essence is a form of emotional abuse.

Spiritual abuse is a less discussed type of abuse which is often times heard about in different cultures or religions. In this type of abuse, you put down an individual because of their religious or cultural beliefs. Furthermore, one might be forced into questionable religious/cultic practices which they believe to be detrimental or harmful. One's mate threatens to leave them if they don't participate or they throw man made doctrines into their face and threaten them with "hell and fire" if they don't do what they are asked to do.

Most abuse starts out as psychological and emotional abuse. This would include: name calling, put-down behaviors, being cold and aloof and being intentionally spiteful. After a while, when this is tolerated for a long period of time, the abuser becomes comfortable in the behaviors and realizes they can get away with more. The abuse is then likely to escalate into physical abuse. From here my friends, it only gets worse! Each time one is allowed to get away with their abuse, they are likely to act again because they know it will be forgiven. In fact, the individual causing the abuse is likely to become desensitized to the whole process of emotions. This is to say, as it goes on, they are less likely to feel guilt, shame or remorse for what they've done because in their minds, they see it as almost "expected" of them.

There are a host of reasons why people choose or stay in abusive relationships. It would take hours to explain the ramifications, but perhaps the best summarization is "low self-esteem" which has flourished over time like a weed. It most likely started in childhood, was reinforced in teenage/young adult years and has evolved to full fruition by mid-twenties. It is during this time period that individuals are most likely to tolerate the most abuse in their lives, especially if they have married and now have children. There are a host of reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. Perhaps they can best be summed up in five reasons:

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