~ suicidal thoughts

~ social isolation/withdrawing

~ drinking/drug use

~ pessimism

~ irrational fears

~ depression
Depression appears to be the most common by-product of resistant anger. Individuals are so pre-occupied with not being angry that they become highly focused on the emotion unconsciously. Consequently, what happens is the anger is turned inward and manifests itself in the form of depression. Rather than expel the negative feelings which are building inside them, they hold onto them and try to extinguish them on the inside. Sure the anger gets watered down, however it becomes diluted into a more "acceptable" emotion... depression!

Think about this for a moment! What emotion is more likely to receive greater empathy and sympathy? Anger or depression? If you're angry, people avoid you because they perceive you as dangerous. On the other hand, if you are depressed, you are perceived to be less of a threat. In fact, people will actually start to feel sorry for you and actually enable your depression. So you actually get to be "accepted" more readily for being depressed. Being depressed serves a purpose--being accepted as a victim!

Some individuals with resistant anger could be classified as possessing an almost "sadomasochistic" lifestyle. The only time they feel alive is when they are "in pain" or complaining about something. Working with clients in support groups and one on one, these are some of the behavioral attributes individuals with this anger type display:

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