They do not speak up because they feel uneasy over confrontation or expressing their honest feelings. They worry they will hurt others if they speak up, or others will not like them. Basically, they would rather "be seen and not heard" in terms of their feelings. I have worked with many individuals possessing this type of anger and their theme is, "I'd rather be accepted for all of the wrong reasons, than be alone for all of the right reasons--being alone sucks!".

Holding everything in with this type of anger produces the similar effects that petrified anger does. It not only wears the person out, but it also creates feelings of disdain even hatred for themselves! The precipitating cause is persistent or escalating stress in one's life which leads to unceasing frustration. Eventually, you get to the point where you can't take it anymore and reach meltdown. Individuals I have worked with have reported they feel like they are coming undone--having a nervous breakdown!

The feelings associated with this type of anger are taxing on the body/nervous system. Many people often report feeling any/or most of these symptoms:

~ chronic fatigue

~ nausea/vomiting

~ constant colds

~ small aches/pains

~ feeling tired and run down

~ loss of appetite

~ sleep disturbances/insomnia

~ mental flashbacks

~ frequent crying spells

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