How many people function each and every day with self-destructive mentalities? Furthermore, how many people live to cut off their own noses just to spite their faces? If this were a statistical quiz then perhaps I would need to come up with a number. With that said, I am just going to guess, too many! Are you one of those people?

Some say nothing makes a person feel more alive than to be angry-- at other people, at the themselves. This anger gives them a sense of control, well at least a distorted, dysfunctional and disjointed sense of control. Ironically, the only thing you can control in this scenario are the thoughts you think which lead to the feelings you feel. Ironically, most people despise feeling angry, bitter or resentful and can't seem to stop themselves.

In my book What's Your Anger Type? I indentify 12 different types of anger. Of these 12 types, one I coined Petrified Anger which is the hallmark of bitterness. Even though I cite all types of anger as having purposes, some are worse than others in their abilities to create damage to lives. Petrified anger is one of the worst in its ability to create self-destruction in individuals!

What is petrified anger? People with petrified anger lock everything inside of themselves and start to cause themselves unnecessary suffering. Something happened to them in the past, a perceived wrong doing. They felt that someone hurt them intentionally, or a situation made them a "victim". They believed they were "wronged" and treated unfairly. Some part of them wanted retribution or restitution. Instead of letting it go and forgiving others or the situation, they hold onto it. Holding onto something, even bad feelings gives the individual some sense of control over the situation. You see they possess a sense of ownership. However negative, sick or twisted this "holding on" is, it is better than nothing. This is their perceived way of holding onto the past--reliving it and trying to make sense of it or undoing it.

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