Working with several addiction treatment centers and mental health organizations over the years has led to this blended symptom list of addiction factors. If you possess one or more of these symptoms for more than 3 months and counting, you may have an addiction!

This checklist is in no way shape or form designed to diagnose, treat or label anyone as having an addiction. By reading through this, you do so of your own free will, choice and any conclusions that you arrive at are your own! If you feel and/or believe you or someone has an addiction, it would be best recommended to consult with a trained professional in the field of addictions or mental health.

1)My current lifestyle leads me to engage in risk taking activities to attain my substance or drug, or when I am using/consuming my substance, I tend to take more risks!

2) I have repeatedly tried to quit using on my own, but I keep using and feel like I can't control it any longer!

3)I feel the need to always have a fix of my substance or drug on hand, or I am already planning well in advance for how I will attain my next score!

4) Whenever I am having a down or bad day, or in a bad mood or mindset, I feel I need substances, drugs, alcohol, etc. to cope and mask my feelings.

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