5)I find myself spending more money on my substance or drug use, and it is out of control because I do not have the money to be spending!

6) I find that I am leading two lives, the one that most people know me as, and this secret life which uses substances or drugs, and I have to lie and deceive people on a regular basis!

7)I find myself fantasizing, thinking about or planning on how and when I will use or get my drug continually throughout the day, and it is a constant distraction.

8) I find myself taking chances, even stealing or engaging in risky activities just to get my substance or drug of choice whereby the risks of attaining it outweigh the consequences of getting caught!

9) I now feel and/or believe that I need to use this drug or substance on a daily basis to function..it is a part of my life!

10) Without my drug or substance use, I feel my life would be hopeless, and/or using these substances or drugs is making me feel hopeless!